Crafting Your Home Health Aide Resume

HHA Resume

When you start your search for an HHA job, you will need to make sure you try to make the perfect HHA resume as possible.

Not only does your resume serve as your first impression for potential employees but it should properly showcase your talents and experience to help you get the edge on your competition.

While it is true even the best Home Health Aide resume will not guarantee you a job, it will stand out favorably against bad resumes that normally end up in the trash can.

How to Make a Home Health Aide Resume

After you have completed your home health aide training you come to the next step. Creating a Home Health Aide resume isn’t that hard, in reality. However, you should know how to format the resume and what type of information to provide. A resume is basically a marketing tool that provides potential employers a quick but short list of your skills and experience. Remember, you are trying to sell your services but not overselling yourself with false or exaggerated information.


Basically there are two types of formats when creating your Home Health Aide resume; chronological and functional. Either format is fine to use on your resume but you might want to choose one type over another depending on your experience.


The chronological formatting should be used if you have already established a work history as an HHA. This will show potential employers the type of experience and expertise you can offer from the get go.


The thought behind a functional format is to highlight your skills, qualities, qualifications and accomplishments. This type of format is best used on Home Health Aide resumes for those people who are new to the field or have long periods of unemployment.

Resume Layout

The physical layout of the Home Health Aide resume should be simple and clean. It should have clearly defined sections with the more important information on top. Make sure that the centering of the resume is correct and the margin provides a good framing of the information.

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The type font you choose should both easy to read and clean. Do not choose funky fonts (i.e. comic sans) to grab attention since it may turn off the prospective employer or look childish. Bullet points are good to use, sparingly but use simple symbols rather than trying to get too artistic.

Types of Information on Resume

  • Contact information- including name, phone number, address and email
  • Objective- specify the position and why you are applying for the position and how you can help with it
  • Qualifications- this includes any different certifications, degrees or other work experience that is going to go towards hiring you own
  • Achievements- this can include anything, such as documentation and recommendations from doctors and other high medical officials, or even a letter of appreciation from a past client
  • Experience- your experience, what you plan on offering as an HHA, your education, certifications and finally your licenses
  • Education- give a brief breakdown of your education such as high school, college and any degrees or certifications earned

Tips to Remember

  • Proofread or have someone proofread your Home Health Aide resume
  • Don’t lie or exaggerate experiences or accomplishments
  • Be specific with your skills, experience and achievements
  • Do not add meaningless non-job achievements to make you seem more important
  • Make sure your information is short, targeted and to the point
  • All information, including contact information should be current

Building your HHA Resume

There are lots of different ways to create your resume and you can easily find templates online to help you. We suggest something pretty simple rather than over the top type of a template. Sometimes less is more. The following is an example of a presentable and effective Home Health Aide resume.

Sample Resume for a Home Health Aide


Jill R. Smith

212 Maple St ♦ Murfreesboro, TN 37127 ♦ (615) 555-1212 ♦

Looking for Home Health Aide Position with Murphy’s Care, which is going to best utilize my skills and qualifications in order to improve the wellbeing of clients

• 3 years and 2 months work experience as a Home Health Aide
• Highly skilled in assisting clients with ambulation and exercise
• Proven ability of effectively performing errands, meal preparation and housekeeping
• Compassionate, fun and bright personality
• Excellent communication skills

• Personal hygiene • Eating Assistance   • Rehabilitation support   • Ambulation   • Nutritionist

• Home Health Aide of the Month, Wells Nursing Center
• Volunteering Excellence, Temecula Nursing Home

January 2010 – Current
Wells Nursing Center. – Fairfield, OH
Home Health Aide
• Aided with ambulation and exercise
• Reported changes to RN regarding patient’s condition
• Assisted clients with personal hygiene
• Cooked meals for clients
• Helped with errands and housework

Harrison High School Diploma – 2008

Kaplan College – Home Health Aide Training – 2009

• Home Health Aide training
• Current CPR Card

• Automobile insurance
• Current driver’s license

References are available upon request

Final Tips for HHA Resume Strategy

As a home health aide, you provide general support and assistance to a client in their own home, plus you help with any emotional issues the family might have. Often times, as an HHA, you enter a home when the individual is very sick or simply is not able to move much, if at all, on their own, so the mood is not always the best. A smiling individual is always a nice addition and can drastically help with the morale in the house. Plus, as an HHA you will reduce some of the emotional burden and physical work load for the family who is taking care of the patient.

Of course, in order to get a job as an HHA, you need to properly prepare your Home Health Aide resume to furnish to potential employers. There are different aspects and bits of information you need to include, although many resumes do look the same, this is going to require you to boast specific information about yourself than what you might put on a business resume or accounting resume.


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